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Saeplast Americas Inc adds value to the commercial fishery

Sæplast Americas Inc is a European-based company with manufacturing plants in strategic locations around the world and the Saeplast Brand synonymous with increased quality of fish delivered to market. They want to improve the fisherman's ability to deliver fresh products and high quality fish to market.

Saeplast Americas Inc. has become a manufacturer of significant value to the fishing industry in Canada, both fresh and salt water fishermen and fish farmers benefit from using Saeplast Americas Inc. equipment manufactured in St. John, New Brunswick. Fishing is one in a multitude of markets served by Saeplast Americas Inc. everything from Agriculture, to Aquaculture, Healthcare and many others.

They can help fishermen to obtain more value from their catch by educating people in the fishing industry on how to hold the fish in storage. Saeplast Americas Inc. offers industrial type coolers designed for keeping catch fresh. The better they handle and hold their catch the more money they will get in their sales. Sæplast Americas Inc also believes this handling of fish applies not only commercially but to the First Nations in communities that have large food-fisheries.

Sales of Saeplast Americas Inc. containers are based on maximizing the value of finished goods, You need to ensure that your food products are fresh and safe. Saeplast Americas Inc. has designed the most rugged and hygienic plastic containers for your processing floor. The Saeplast PE Containers are designed to meet the toughest demands of any environment, says the Saeplast Americas Inc. website.

Saeplast Americas Inc. 70 ltr is built to handle the task of holding, storing, and moving the catch in northern Canadian latitudes. Saeplast Americas Inc. and its Saeplast brand of insulated containers ensure that food retains its original quality longer than any other type of container. The Saeplast containers are designed to keep food fresh and wholesome in all times of year.

It's a fact industry demands high standards in hygiene, and fishermen look for flexibility and ease of handling, Saeplast Americas Inc. responded with new lines of high grade plastic tubs, each with its own special qualities and design, explains North American Sales Manager Catherine Twerd.

"They go catch the fish, dress them, ice it, and drive it to Leaf Rapids on the water to the processing plant there," says the manager of Leaf Rapids Co-op in northern Manitoba. "Each group puts out between 30 to 50 nets a day, they fill 15 to 20 tubs a day of walleye whitefish, and mullethead, called red sucker."

  • The Saeplast PE’s robust triple-wall design yields longer life and reduced long term costs while the ergonomically designed one piece construction facilitates easy cleaning and sanitation thus saving water costs, sewerage costs, labor and time to clean the bins properly.
  • The safety of all workers is top of mind as well, so Saeplast Americas Inc. one piece design, with its smooth walls and corners, is very user-friendly for all.
  • The Closed Cell Core design prohibits the absorption of liquids, thus extending life, optimizing hygiene and mitigating harmful bacteria migrating to food. Ease of repair vs. single wall containers that must be thrown out and replaced once damage occurs is another benefit to using Saeplast Americas Inc. PE line of containers. Being constructed of 100% polyethylene allows the container to be recycled one the container’s useful life is complete.
  • To help keep our food safe and as fresh as possible, the Saeplast PE Containers are a must for all processing floors.

    Saeplast Americas Inc. is a global plastics converter focused on rigid plastics. Saeplast Americas Inc. has 42 plants and over 4,200 employees located in 19 countries around the world. Saeplast Americas Inc. designs and manufactures in North America for the North American Food Industry. Saeplast Americas Inc. primary focus is with the Food Processing Sector (Meat & Poultry, Pet Food, and Food Ingredients) and the Fishing Industry. Promens is focused on the safety of food from the farm-to-the-fork and Promens has designed the Triple Wall Saeplast PE containers with Food Safety in mind.

    To find out more about Saeplast Americas Inc., "the foremost supplier of food safe containers for the processing floor of food plants," please see the latest product video located at

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